The Feasts of the Lord – Who?

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Who should participate?

The scripture is clear that there is one law for all people, that His law is for everyone. Yet many argue that these festivals are only for Jews since, for example, God commands those who participate in Passover to be circumcised. (Ex 12:48) But Gentiles certainly may become circumcised and therefore legitimately participate. (Nu 9:14) Yet some argue further that Paul forbids Gentiles to be circumcised, yet this may be understood in light of the common cultural association of the rite of circumcision with conversion to Judaism as a means of salvation. Paul would have recognized that abstaining from this rite was needful in order to ensure clarity of the Gospel for the people of that day. This prudence from Paul during that time period should not be generalized to a universal annulment of the Law for Gentiles today. It seems clear from the Pauline instructions to the Corinthians, who were largely Gentile, that he intended for them to keep Passover. (2Co 5:7-8)