Below is a summary of concepts presented in: Be In Subjection. If you find yourself objecting to any of the following statements, I encourage you to read this work carefully and both prepare and present a thorough response.

The Bible teaches the following concepts:

  • God gave authority to husbands before the Fall; this is not part of the curse.
  • God's consistent instruction to the wife is to be in subjection to her husband.
  • God commands the wife to fear her husband, as well as love and obey him.
  • The wife should openly acknowledge her husband as her master and lord.
  • The wife should obey her husband and seek to please him in everything he wishes, so long as his desire is not plainly dangerous or sinful.
  • A woman should never take a position of dominance over a man.
  • A woman should generally remain silent whenever public instruction is being offered in the church.
  • A woman has biblical grounds for assurance of eternal life only so long as she lives in general harmony with such principles.
  • Any woman who walks in willful disobedience to God's order opens the door to Satanic intrusion into her home, church and  culture.
  • Those in spiritual authority who will not clearly teach these principles give place to the enemy to defile and weaken the body of Christ and bring public shame to His name.