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Welcome to my blog and web site! Thanks for stopping by. I hope your time here will be fruitful and that you’ll be encouraged in your pursuit of God. Here’s an overview and some navigation tips.


My blog posts are snapshots, short clips of the fruit of my musings, reflections and meditations on spiritual things. They link to related blog posts and more in-depth articles, and provide discussion forums for your comments and questions.

I write both for myself and for anyone interested in healthy, respectful debate on spiritual things — iron sharpening iron, a place to humbly challenge and be challenged. I welcome all feedback, testimonies and criticism; I value truth and instruction in any form I can find it. Feel free to email me and/or submit  your thoughts in a relevant post. Your first comment will require my approval; subsequent comments will appear as you submit them.

I learn the most from those who challenge me. Try me; I’m not afraid of being wrong, only staying that way.

Statement of Faith

Content / Navigation

The main blog page lists blog posts by date, most recent first; selecting Snapshots in any page header opens this main page. Open any post by selecting its title; touching the () next to the title opens a bubble with the theme text. (On a PC hover the cursor over it) Touch the bubble to hide it.

In addition to blogging I write extensively on various topics; the writings page summarizes these works alphabetically. Many have links to discussion blog posts to introduce them and capture feedback. 

Each scripture reference is highlighted in purple bold and provides a pop-up bubble with the (KJV) text when you touch it. (On a PC hover the cursor over it). Touch the bubble to hide it. Links to posts, articles, definitions, and external references are blue. Links to summary pages are bold green.

There’s a menu button (3 horizontal bars) in the top right of any page header. (On a PC the menu is the left 3rd of the display). The menu contains:
links to:
this welcome page
my FB page
blog and writings summary pages
my email
a search box to find a phrase in the site
links to recent blog posts and comments
older blog posts archived by month
blog posts by category

My original web site is in an older format that’s not as user friendly. Occasionally, you may find yourself there if I failed to update a link. (Please let me know so I can fix it.) It also lists the articles by date and category if that’s of any interest.


If you’d like a summary of my posts each month just email me from the account in which you’d like to receive updates. I’ll periodically (say monthly) send you:
links to new blog posts or articles I’ve written (or significantly re-written),
 active site discussions,
thoughts on another’s work which I found particularly helpful,
 a topic I’m struggling with that I’d like you to explore with me.

Grace to you and peace, as we pursue the living God together.


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