Writings of a Believer

I’m Tim Hayes, a believer in Jesus Christ, Whom I know and love. I write to help myself and others in our journey after God.  As in all things, test what’s here by Scripture. I value all insights, encouragements and challenges.

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A Bloody Husband  (Ex 4:25) Fiction: Moses’ life in exile (incomplete)

Access By Faith  (Ro 5:2)  How to live the Christian life

Add Not Unto His Words  (Pr 30:6) Sola Scriptura: the sufficiency of God’s written Word

After Easter  (Ac 12:4) Often cited by KJV critics as a clear example of mistranslation. Perhaps it’s not so clear.

All Thy Commandments  (Ps 119:6) Keeping Torah in non-Torah culture

Babylon the Great  (Re 17:5) Christ’s return: centuries away?

Be Afflicted  (Ja 4:9) My encounter with a sin-hating God, Who became sin for me

Be In Subjection  (1Pe 3:1) God’s command to wives; restoring His light to church and family

Be Sober, Be Vigilant  (1Pe 5:8) Being alert and on guard

Brothers  (Ac 9:30) God’s design for Church leadership

♦ Buy the Truth (Pr 23:23) Identifying, pursuing and keeping truth

Call on the Father (1Pe 1:17)  Who we should pray to and why

♦ Christ Is the End of the Law (Ro 10:4) Christ being our righteousness is the goal of Torah

♦ Dead to the Law (Ga 2:19) Dead from the Law’s perspective

Delivered From the Law (Ro 7:6) I’ve been delivered from condemnation and I’m now being delivered from my sinful nature.

Did Christ Declare All Foods Clean? (Mk 7:19) Modern translations handle this text poorly

Disannulling the Command (He 7:18) Torah’s not eternal, but it’s still God’s righteous standard.

♦ Do I Seek to Please Men? (Ga 1:10) Being a servant of Jesus Christ

♦ Do You Believe? (Jn 9:35) What it takes to get to heaven.

♦ Do You Well to Be Angry? (Jon 4:4) The danger and sin common in our anger

♦ Draw Nigh to God (Ja 4:8) God’s perspective on dry times

♦ Elect Unto Obedience (1Pe 1:2) God moves His chosen to obey Him

♦ Equal in Spirit (1Co 11:3) Answering gender role confusion

♦ Established With Grace (He 13:9) Stabilizing our hearts in the sufficiency of God

♦ Every Creature of God Is Good (1Ti 4:4) Mosaic dietary laws are awesome

♦ Every Perfect Gift (Ja 1:17) How we should be living “in the moment” with God.

 Fear of the Lord (Ps 34:11) Identifying and cultivating the fear of God

♦ Fellowship With God (1Jn 1:3) How and why to walk with God

♦ For the Lukewarm Heart (Ps 5:5) A cure for lukewarmness in the hatred of God

♦ Forgive (Mk 11:25) Understanding forgiveness: what to do, and what not to do, when someone hurts you

♦ Free Will (Php 2:13) How Sovereignty and Free Will work, how God chooses who to save while offering all salvation

Given by Inspiration (2Ti 3:16-17) The implications of inspiration lead us to trust the KJV as the Word of God

Giving Thanks (He 13:15) Instruction and encouragement in the discipline of thanksgiving

♦ God Gave Them Up (Ro 1:26) God’s restraining grace: its proof and purpose

♦ God Is Good (Ps 34:8) The fact of God’s goodness helps us in suffering more than answering “Why?”

Grace Reigns (Ro 5:21) A promise of divine power in a broken world

His Smile (He 12:6) An analogy of Resurrection Life

His Virgin (1Co 7:36) Proof of incriminating error in most modern English Bible translations

How Long Shall I Suffer? (Mt 17:17) A glorious, God-exalting perspective of Hell

I Wondered (Is 63:5) When even Omniscience seems curious in observing the insanity of sin

In My Name (Col 3:17) What it means to pray … and live … in Jesus’ name

♦ In Your Heart (De 6:6) God’s command to memorize and meditate on His written Word

♦ Infallible Proof (Ac 1:3) Compelling evidence that God is as the Bible reveals Him

Instruction of a Father (Pr 4:1) Proverbs to pass on

Is It Lawful? (Mt 19:3) When a wife may rightly divorce her husband.

Joy Unspeakable (1Pe 1:8) How to get and keep our joy

Judge Not (Mt_7:1) A practical treatise on humility.

Keep My Commandments (Mt 5:17) Christ’s command to believe the Mosaic Law is applicable for today and to be careful to obey it

♦ Lazarus Is Dead and I Am Glad (Jn 11:14-15) The resurrection of Lazarus and events following from Mary’s perspective; a study in brokenness

Let No Man Judge You (Col 2:16-17) Obeying Torah free from Jewish tradition

Limited Atonement for All (1Jn 2:2) How Christ’s death fully justifies His elect while providing for a universal offer of the Gospel

Make Your Election Sure (2Pe 1:10-11) How to ensure personal eternal safety, dealing with doubt biblically

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (Ro 7:2-3) A study of marriage, divorce, and remarriage,  harmonizing all relevant biblical texts

♦ Marriage and Family (Col 3:18-21) Roles and responsibilities in the home

My Servant Job (Job 1:8) Holiness in the life of Job

No Greater Burden (Ac 15:28) The Jerusalem Council: Gentiles and Torah

Not Under Law (Ro 6:14) A most misunderstood, yet glorious truth

Nothing Unclean of Itself (Ro 14:14) Walking with weaker brothers, and thinking The Twelve are so

Of Power and of Love (2Ti 1:7) How a husband is to love his wife

One Law (Nu 15:15-16) Torah is for everyone

One New Man (Ep 2:15) The laws Christ abolished and why He did

Poor In Spirit (Mt 5:3) Christ describes His own

Proud In Heart (Pr 16:5) Our greatest enemy

Remember Lot’s wife (Lk 17:32) Fiction: a mosaic of rebellion

Sacred Geometry (1Th 5:21) Debunking a strain of higher criticism

Salvation for Dummies (Ro 10:6-9) A down-to-earth gospel tract

Seek the Lord (Is 55:6) My story. Back to basics: salvation by faith.

Sing Psalms (Ja 5:13) What we should be singing about, and why

So Is the Tongue (Ja 3:6) A down-to-earth look at an unearthly portal

Spiritual Warfare (1Ti 1:18) Spiritual warfare and freedom (audio)

That Which Is Done Away (2Co 3:11) Torah still valid, but not eternal. 

That You May Know (1Jn 5:13) Eternal Security: Once Saved Always Saved

The Circle of the Earth (Is 40:22) Proof of a sperical earth

The Covenants of Promise (Ep 2:12) God’s contracts with us

The End of the Commandment (1Ti 1:5) God’s purpose in giving us Torah

The Feasts of the Lord (Le 23:2) God’s feasts: timing, relevance, significance

♦ The Greater Sin (Jn 19:11) Degrees of sin are important

♦ The House of God (Ge 28:17) Keeping God at a safe distance

The Lamb’s Wife (Re 21:9) The nature, form, and practice of the Church

The Law of the Spirit (Ro 8:2 ) God gives His children power for living the spiritual life

The Law Was Our Schoolmaster (Gal 3:24) Torah guides us both to Christ and in Christ

The Lord’s Supper (1Co 11:2) God’s holy meal

 The New Month (Nu 10:10) God’s monthly rhythm

The Sanctity of Marriage (Ro 7:3) When “marriage” should be broken

The Second Death (Re 20:14) Hell, close up and personal

The Substance (He 11:1) The basics of Faith

♦ The Syrian Recension (2Co 2:17) What we call “best and most reliable” manuscripts, and the implied absurdity

♦ The Voice of God (Ps 29:4) Avoiding Satanic deception

♦ Theomatics  (1Th 5:21) Debunking claims of miraculous design in scripture gemmatria

♦ “There Is No God” (Ps 53:1) Atheism’s irrationality; God’s existence

♦ This Cup (Mk 14:36) Christ’s prayer in Gethsemane: divinity on display

Things That Accompany (Heb 6:9) Qualities found in all God’s children

Thou Art Worthy (Re 5:9) The climax of history

Till the Seed Should Come (Ga 3:19) Torah’s life-span

Tongues Are for a Sign (1Co 14:22) How Satan abuses God’s gift to steal, kill and destroy

Too Painful for Me (Ps 73:16) The anatomy of a troubled heart

Turn the Other Cheek (Mt 5:39) On bearing injustice: it’s not what we’ve been taught

Use It Lawfully (1Ti 1:8) Difficult Torah texts

Wait on the Lord (Ps 27:14) What it means and why we should

War With the Saints (Re 13:7) Spiritual warfare made simple … though not easy

What God Hath Cleansed (Ac 10:15) Peter’s vision doesn’t obsolete dietary law

What Is Truth? (Jn 18:38) An answer to Post-Modernism, Tolerance, and Atheism

When Your Fear Comes (Pr 1:26-7) Wisdom’s challenge to tepid souls

Why Art Thou Disquieted? (Ps 42:11) For the offended, angry, discontent, and hurt

Statement of Faith

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