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The following is a summary of the content of the work: Buy The Truth.


        1. God is the Author of all truth.
        2. God is perfect.


Errors made in violating these axioms:

  1. Emphasizing the scribe of Scripture instead of the Author of Scripture
  2. Referencing false translations of the Scripture
  3. Claiming a truth from the inverse or converse of another truth
  4. Assuming cause-and-effect from a logical statement
  5. Abuse of the Transitive Law of Equivalence
  6. Proof by Illustration
  7. Guilt By Association
  8. The Bandwagon Technique
  9. Failure to verify secondhand historical or scientific data
  10. Permitting contradictory or temporary Truth
  11. Permitting logical fallacy that implies error from Truth
  12. Lying: claiming Truth is evil
  13. Pragmatism: validating Truth based on perceived utility