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Ps 116:10   Hab 3:17-19


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A Bloody Husband

Fiction: How Moses' life in exile might have played out, a portrait of the breaking of a strong man.


A Disannulling of the Commandment

Heb 7:18-19: does it mean the Law is obsolete?


Access by Faith

How to live the Christian life.


Add Not unto His Words

The grounds and importance of Sola Scriptura, the sufficiency of the written Word of God in all matters of faith and practice.


After Easter

Critics of the KJV often use Acts 12:4 as a clear example of.mistranslation. Upon close inspection this is not so clear.


All Thy Commandments

All of God's commandments that apply to me, a believer in the midst of non-Torah observant culture.


Babylon the Great

Scriptural evidence that the end of this age and our Lord's return is not at all immanent, likely not for generations.

Be Afflicted

My encounter with a God who hates sin, yet became sin for me.


Be in Subjection      

A sober and thorough look at God's command to wives, undiluted by present cultural norms, and a plea to bring His light back to the church and family.

Be Sober, Be Vigilant

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Emphasis on sobriety and vigilance in our Christian walk.



God's design for Church leadership.


Buy the Truth

Principles which enable us to identify, pursue and keep truth.

Call on the Father

Who we should pray to and why.


Christ Is the End of the Law

Christ being our righteousness is the goal of Torah.

Dead to the Law

What this phrase means: dead from the Law's perspective.


Delivered from the Law

A careful look at what this Pauline phrase implies.


Did Christ Declare All Food Clean?

A careful look at poor modern translations of Mark 7:19.

Doest Thou Well to Be Angry?

The danger and sin common in our anger.

Do I Seek to Please Men?

What it means to be a servant of Jesus Christ.

Do You Believe?

What it takes to get to heaven.  Are you ready?

Draw Nigh to God

Seeing dry times from God's perspective.

Elect unto Obedience

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A study of obedience inherent in God's elect.

Equal in Spirit

An answer to Biblical Egalitarianism.


Every Creature of God is Good

Proof that the Mosaic dietary laws are still valid.


Every Perfect Gift

How we should be living "in the moment" with God.

Fear of the Lord

Identifying and cultivating the fear of God.


Fellowship with God

How and why to walk with God.


Understanding forgiveness: what to do, and what not to do, when someone hurts you.


Free Will

How God's Sovereignty works with Man's Free Will, how God controls Man without causing sin, how God chooses who will be saved while genuinely offering salvation to all.


For the Lukewarm Heart

A cure for lukewarmness in the hatred of God.

Given by Inspiration

An apologetic appeal, based on the implications of Inspiration, to consider the King James Bible the very Word of God.

Giving Thanks

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Instruction and encouragement in the discipline of thanksgiving.

God Gave Them Up

God's restraining grace - its proof and its purpose.


Grace Reigns

A promise of divine power in a broken world.


His Smile

An analogy of Resurrection Life

His Virgin

Proof of devastating error in several modern Bible translations.


How Long Shall I Suffer?

A glorious, God-exalting perspective of Hell.

I Wondered

When even Omniscience seems curious in observing sin.


Infallible Proof

Compelling evidence that God is as the Bible reveals Him.

In My Name

What it means to pray... and live... in Jesus' name.

In Your Heart

God's command to memorize and meditate on His Word.

Instruction of a Father

Proverbs to pass on.

Is It Lawful?

A study showing when a wife may rightly divorce her husband.


Joy Unspeakable

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How to get and keep your joy.


Keep My Commandments

Christ's command that we believe the Mosaic Law is applicable for us today and that we be careful to obey it.

Lazarus Is Dead and I Am Glad

Fiction: The resurrection of Lazarus and events following from the perspective of Mary, closely following the biblical narrative.

Let No Man Judge You

An exegesis of Colossians 2, focused on verses 16 and 17.

Limited Atonement for All

A treatise on the dynamics of salvation, integrating apparently conflicting theology in Calvinism and Armenianism.  Find solid harmony in the efficacious propitiatory death of Jesus Christ for His elect and a sincere universal offer of the Gospel.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

An exhaustive study of marriage, divorce, and remarriage,  harmonizing into one coherent doctrine every biblical text that relates in any way to this subject.

Marriage and Family

A bible study on roles and responsibilities.

My Servant Job

Meditations in holiness from the life of Job.

No Greater Burden

The intent of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15: Are Gentiles required to follow Mosaic Law?


Not Under the Law, But Under Grace

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On perhaps the most misunderstood phrase in the Bible.


Nothing Unclean of Itself

A close look at Romans14, considering how to walk with weaker brothers, of whom the Twelve Apostles were not.

Of Power and of Love

How a husband is to love his wife... when this is not so easy.


One New Man

A close look at Ephesians 2:14, considering the laws Christ abolished when he died for us, and why he did so.


Poor in Spirit

What it means to be poor in spirit.

Proud in Heart

Dreading, detecting, rooting out and staying free from pride.

Remember Lot's Wife

A fictional account of the death of Lot's wife, whom Jesus told us to remember in these last days.  A vivid caricature of a headstrong wife and a broken husband. A study in obedience.

Sacred Geometry

An analysis of supposed evidence for higher criticism.

Salvation ... for Dummies

A down-to-earth gospel tract.

Seek Ye the Lord

My testimony: how I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my dear Savior.  An urgent appeal to evangelical Christianity to return to the fundamental element in salvation: faith.

Shield of Faith

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Impenetrable promises for weary targets.

Sing Psalms

What we should be singing about, and why.

So Is the Tongue

A down-to-earth look at an unearthly portal.


Spiritual Warfare

A study of the dynamics of spiritual conflict.


The Covenants of Promise

God's covenants with Israel and their significance to us today.


The End of the Commandment

God's purposes and goals in giving us Torah.


The Feats of the Lord

God's feasts: their timing, relevance and significance.


That You May Know

An inductive proof of the eternal security of the believer.


The Greater Sin

Considering degrees of sin, and why this is important.


The House of God

How we keep God at a distance.

The Lamb's Wife

The nature, form, and practice of the Church.

The Law of the Spirit


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God gives His children power for living the spiritual life.

The Law Was Our Schoolmaster


What this phrase means in our walk with Christ.


The Lord's Supper

Looking at God's holy meal from a biblical perspective.

The Second Death

What it might be like to be damned.

The Sanctity of Marriage

When a marriage must be terminated and why.

The Substance

The practical doctrine of faith.

The Syrian Recension

The facts behind why modern bible scholars consider the "best and most reliable" Greek manuscripts of the NT to be so, and what absurdity they must accept in doing so. The facts imply that most all modern Bible translation work is corrupt.

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The Voice of God

There is much confusion about how to know when God is speaking to us. This simple article explains how we can know for sure, and how to avoid being lead astray by the enemy.


A statistical and experimental evaluation of Theomatics, as defined and promoted by Del Washburn. We prove that his publications are invalid and that events in which he claims millions to one odds are easily attributed to random chance.

"There Is No God"

Proof of the irrationality of atheism and the existence of God.

Things That Accompany

Qualities found in all true believers in Jesus Christ.

This Cup

A radical take on Christ's prayer in Gethsemane.  It wipes the traditional theological dirt from the face of our beloved Lord, told from His own perspective, as best I can put it.

Thou Art Worthy

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A revelation of the climax of the Bible.


Till the Seed Should Come

How to interpret this phrase (in Gal 3:19) which marks the end of the period during which God's Law, Torah, is relevant.


Tongues Are for A Sign

God's purpose for this gift and how the enemy abuses it to destroy us.


Turn the Other Cheek

What Christ intended in His teaching on bearing injustice: it is not what most people think.

Use It Lawfully

"Problem" texts for those holding that Torah is a universal timeless standard obligagory for all, clarified and explained.

Wait on the Lord

What it means to wait on the Lord, and why we should.


War with the Saints

Spiritual warfare made simple ... though not easy

What Is Truth?

An answer to Post-Modernism, Tolerance, and Atheism.

What God Hath Cleansed

Thinking Peter's vision of the sheet of unclean animals implies a change in Mosaic dietary laws poses significant issues. A more  reasonable interpretation is provided.


Why Art Thou Disquieted?

A meditation for the offended, angry, discontent, and hurt.