Once upon a sacred time
before there was a she
A he walked through a sacred wood
a sovereign lord and free

The air was splendid, bright and clean
and dew bespangled rose
Sir Brooks caressed his passing feet
rich Fragrance kissed his nose

Man in deep communion sown
to share the Maker's heart
In wordless oneness love was made
What rich communion start!

All creature names came forth precise
as if he'd always known
Each pair a kind of parenthood
Himself though, stood... alone

The Maker's hand at work again...
the wonder of her hair!
She knelt beside him as he woke...
Adam was now... a pair!

He watched her breathe...
He watched her eyes...
He watched her rise!
Crafted without flaw...
They swooned... in splendored awe...

He drew up close... their eyes were locked...
he took her hands and blessed
He brushed his lips against her cheek
and gazed upon her breast

In luscious garden open light
they loved as lovers will
Two made one in warm shine sun
to peering angels' thrill

They rose to play and dance and sing
to raise their virgin joy
The Maker's eye was warm delight...
the dragon's thoughts were coy

Why they parted... no one knows
but soon she lulled alone
The wily fiend made double time
to gouge her from the throne

Toward the awesome tree she felt
and trembled close to look...
The wonder serpent slurping now
what it should not have took

Entranced, she strained to watch it die
but die it did not do
Just sweetly slithered from the tree
"My girl, this one's for you!"

Her lover gone and heart a-whirl
she raised it to her face
and pressed into her shaking lips
to marr the holy race

No longer one in holiness
he felt his lover fall!
and sprang in chase to her beside
to long upon the sprawl

He froze to stare on Death Day eyes,
and wept her darkened sway
What passion thrashed within his soul
to pond her slink his way!

She reached his side and pressed in close
'til chest to chest they stood.
Though two hearts beat their flesh to flesh...
no longer love they could

Fruit still dripping in her play
was squished into his hands.
Life or Death to choose this day
To eat... or stay her bands...

He should have run!
He should have tried!
He only groaned
and GROANED inside!

What love they could have shared!
Two lovers entwined within three LOVERS!
Loving intensely...Loving completely... Loving eternally...

Why had she eaten???
Oh damned lies!!!
Loveless confound Paradise!

Adam was, aloss!


He raised it to his heart
and fell
to be with her
in hell

1 Timothy 2:14