If Marriage Was God


We'd build a Wedding building
We'd talk of marriage bliss
We'd church a weekly thrilling
but never with a kiss

Songs and chants would noise the air
and sing our hearts would glee
What worship flows to think a pair
could live in harmony!

After church we'd waddle home
to dwellings far apart
She's and He's alone to roam
with wedding craft and art

Dreams of marrying some day...
how awesome it shall be!
The next life filled with marriage gay
for all eternity!

Marriage books would puddle forth
and Marriage converts made
But in our beds the cold wind North
and lovers would be spayed

Studied experts we would bring
to preach the fact well known
that Marriage is the greatest thing…
but scarce would be a home

For children… pretty dolls would do
the facts of life so plain
The gifts of life were for those few
whose ancient faith was slain

Scientists would say with proof
that marriage never was
and secretly we'd live in spoof
but argue just because

Our hearts would yawn in sweet disgust
at honey-mooners' poise
And steal unchecked forbidden lust
in eunuchs and their joys

Romans 8: 6-7