One Thing

Life can be overwhelmingly complex sometimes, and incredibly demanding. Keeping focus on what’s important can be quite a challenge.

Boynton Canyon, Scott McAllister

I am finding it helpful to remember that only one thing really matters: pleasing God. Like Paul, we should be saying, “this one thing I do.” (Php 3:13-14) Maybe this can help us stay focused: if God is pleased, what else matters? If God is not pleased, what else matters … really?

But knowing what is pleasing to God is not so easy sometimes; our ways are not His ways and He doesn’t see things the way we do. He calls us to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him. (Mic 6:8) He needs to transform our hearts to be like His, and this is a lifelong process. (1Th 4:1) But I think 99% of it is desire: simply wanting to please Him. As this becomes our focus He will show us the way.

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