Effectual Fervent Prayer

God is pleased as we ask Him to move nations, to intervene so we can live quietly and peacefully in all godliness and honesty. (1Ti 2:1-4) It only takes one righteous soul to change the world: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (Ja 5:16b-18)

img_1429So we are encouraged to pray diligently and earnestly for God’s protection and favor (supplications), requesting His aid (prayers) and praying for (intercessions) and giving thanks for all people, especially those in political power (1Ti 2:1-3), always giving thanks for all things. (Ep 5:20) We are praying for our political leaders, especially for president elect Donald Trump, our society, and our world. Please join us!

Here’s our evolving prayer list:

  1. (Ps 118:8-9) Keep our hope in You, not politics.
  2. (Ps 27:11) Teach our leaders Your ways; deliver them from the wicked.
  3. (Ps 33:10) Overturn the evil schemes of the wicked.
  4. (Pr 20:26) Purge corruption throughout our government.
  5. (Ro 13:4) Punish those committed to evil.
  6. (Pr 25:28) Secure our borders.
  7. (Pr 14:15) Help us see through media propaganda to find truth.
  8. (Pr 14:34) Establish righteousness in our land.
  9. (Ps 11:3) Give us righteous judges.
  10. (Nu 24:5, 9b) Cause us to bless Your people Israel.

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One thought on “Effectual Fervent Prayer”

  1. [9] Discomfit those threatening to fillibuster conservative supreme court justices.

    [3] Protect the electoral college representatives and help them and do their job.
    [5] Bring those threatening them to justice.

    [8] Have mercy on, and give repentance and faith to those ignorantly supporting evil. (1Ti 1:13)

    [7] Reveal the inherent wickedness of Islam to the world.

    [1] Encourage and strengthen those being persecuted by Muslims.

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