The Way

God speaks often of His “way,” (Pr 10:29) contrasting it with other ways. (Ps 1:6). He speaks to our orientation, our leaning, our inclinations and motivation. Pursuing Him isn’t paint by the numbers; it’s not about following rules, rituals and traditions; He calls us to a path, a direction.

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We ask Him to bring us to life in His way (Ps 119:37) and show us the way of His Laws (Ps 119:33), to open our eyes so we can see, to gaze on His beauty and wisdom. (Ps 119:18) We ask Him to take the way of lying out of us (Ps 119:29), to make us understand the way of His precepts (Ps 119:27), and to go in the path of His commandments (Ps 119:35) since we’ve chosen the way of truth. (Ps 119:30)

And mysteriously, the Way is more than just a path: this one is alive! (He 10:19-20) The Way of God is a Being, a divine Person (Jn 14:6) permeating, imbued within, and embodied throughout His Law. This Way dwells in us both to will and to do according to His good pleasure (Php 2:13), living out the way in us, giving us the life we need to obey Him from the heart. (Ps 119:32) Yeshua is who we follow, yet He is also how we follow. (1Co 1:30) As we behold Him, He is the very light that enables us to see Him, and the very Life that perceives His light. (Jn 1:4)

The choices we make over time form a pattern, a way. Ponder the path; motives become choices, tiles in a mosaic displaying our nature to the universe. Ask God Himself to live out His way in us. In aligning ourselves more and more with God’s Way, Torah, Yeshua, the more our lives reflect His light and life.

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  1. Torah and Yeshua are not exactly the same thing. One is a Person, the other is a set of laws and instructions and stories that perfectly reflect the nature of this divine Person. From a moral perspective, in the values reflected by each, there can be absolutely no difference between Torah or Yeshua Jehovah, or one would be morally Superior to the other, which would be inconsistent with what God has said about all of them.

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