The New Month

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God marks the beginning of each new month with special sacrifices (Nu 28:11-15) and invites us to worship together before Him. (Eze 46:3) This cyclical pattern is intrinsic to God’s kingdom (Is 66:23), so the Apostle Paul encourages believers to observe these appointed times today. (Col 2:16-17) This helps keep us all in step with God’s calendar.

We celebrate each new moon in the beginning of the first day of the month, starting at the 1st sunset in Jerusalem on or after the astronomical new moon. (If the conjunction is between sunset and midnight, add two days to the conjunction date, else add 1 day)

In the year 2021 CE, the months begin on the following dates, starting sundown the evening prior to the given date.

Date Day
Jan 14 Fr
Feb 13 Sa
Mar 14 Su
Apr 13 Tu
May 13 Th
Jun 11 Fr
Jul 11 Su
Aug 9 Mo
Sep 8 We
Oct 7 Th
Nov 6 Sa
Dec 5 Su

writings  calendar  discussion  blog