A Merchant

God’s kingdom is like a merchant seeking the finest pearls, who, finding one that’s so unbelievable, so fantastic, it captivates him: he liquidates all his assets, selling everything he has so he can buy it. (Mt 13:45-46) It’s a picture of those who strive to enter the kingdom (Lk 13:24), those few who find the way (Mt 7:14), who won’t settle for less. (Mt 11:12)

What exactly have we seen in God’s Kingdom that’s so attractive, so desirable, so amazing that we can’t live without it? Have we indeed sought His kingdom first, above all else? (Mt 6:33) Searched it out for ourselves, until we are overcome by it?

A kingdom is identified by its king, and a king is known by how he governs. Finding the kingdom of God precious then is delighting in God’s revelation of Himself in His Law. Despising God’s Law is to despise God Himself; a Jesus who minimizes God’s Law is a counterfeit. (2Co 11:4) The living God writes His laws into the minds and hearts of His own. (He 8:10)

We know that we’ve found God’s kingdom when all His commands become the rejoicing of our heart (Ps 119:111), more desirable than gold (Ps 19:10), than heaps of gold and silver (Ps 119:72), as much as all the wealth we could imagine. (Ps 119:14)

If this isn’t where we find our hearts, rather than cleaving to dust, let’s be like the merchant, choosing God as our portion, stirring ourselves up (Ps 119:18) to the vast treasure awaiting us in God. (1Co 2:9) Nothing else will satisfy; we’re made to walk with God, to feed in His majesty, to behold His beauty, to joy in Him, to be completely overcome by God Himself. (1Jn 1:3) Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and it shall be opened. (Mt 7:7)

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