There Is No God?

Are we intimidated by atheistic claims that God is dead, that evolution is proven science? Do we hesitate to explore the facts, worried we might lose our faith? Are we afraid of being disdained as ignorant and superstitious?

Hubble: Small Magellanic Cloud

Scripture asserts that atheists are foolish and corrupt (Ps 53:1), implying God is easily found. Yet who can show this from facts and reason? Are we missing the obvious?

Here’s a 3-step proof that atheists are as God claims, from easily understood and readily verifiable facts:
[1] Establish atheists’ burden of proof; then prove atheism is unprovable.
[2] Establish atheists’ foolishness: Pascal’s Wager vs absurdity.
[3] Consider Moral Law: it transcends Nature, implying metaphysical reality.

Q.E.D. Done. Let’s talk: what’ve I missed?

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4 thoughts on “There Is No God?”

  1. The burden of proof for theists is different than that of atheists since proving something does exist is quite different than proving it does not exist. We may experience God in ways which prove the existence of God to ourselves, so theists may make rational claims based on experiences which are inaccessible to others. Such claims are, obviously, uninteresting for the purposes of any helpful debate. For those who are willing to see, infallible proof of the existence and nature of God abounds.

  2. Another easy proof of God’s existence from the physical sciences:
    [1] The universe is changing, expanding, decomposing, decaying.
    [2] This implies the universe is not infinitely old; an infinitely old universe would be at steady state.
    [3] This implies the universe had a beginning, of extremely high order, before which there was nothing.
    [4] This implies a Creator; nothing, especially a highly ordered system, comes from nothing on its own.
    [5] This Creator must be:
    —i- outside time and space, because He created time and space;
    –ii- rational, because He chose to create;
    -iii- immeasurably intelligent and powerful, because He created such a complex and finely-tuned universe.

  3. Atheists often criticize the content of the biblical narrative, proposing alternatives which seem to them more intuitive or believable. They seldom (if ever) make such criticisms of other historical narratives, only with the Bible.

    Such criticism is irrational, revealing a bias and animosity for which atheism provides no grounds. If one claims the Bible was fabricated, providing evidence of this and a plausible explanation for how and why it was done is both necessary and sufficient. Yet this cannot be done with the Bible; it would violate the universal nature of Man, as shown in infallible proof.

  4. Further proof of the reality of God can be found in the mere existence of Christianity: it would not exist if Christ weren’t authentic, and if He didn’t actually rise from the dead. The apostles suffered and died for their testimony here, never wavering in their sacrificial zeal; people don’t die for something they know is a lie.

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