What Is Truth?

Two millennia ago, a Roman governor asked the Prince of Life a profound question: What is truth? (Jn 18:38) We’re still wrestling with the same kind of questions today. How do we identify truth? What does it mean? Why does it matter?SunsetLillies

Truth is anything that is true … that aligns with reality. It’s good to be aligned with reality … the alternative, being at war with reality itself, can’t be good.

So when this Prince of Life (Ac 3:14-15) says “I am the truth,” (Jn 14:6) what’s He saying?

Christ is always perfectly aligned with all of reality … which makes Him the definition of truth itself; all truth is always perfectly aligned with Him. As we are aligned with Christ we are of the truth, in harmony with reality in all its shades and forms. (Jn 18:37) So as we cherish any lie we separate ourselves from Christ, misaligning our minds and hearts with reality.

Let’s value truth supremely, seeking it wherever we can find it. Buy the truth and never sell it, not for any price. (Pr 23:23) I alone will die with my beliefs — no one else; it makes me who I am. It’s the love of truth that parts children of light from darkness (1Th 5:5); everyone else will perish. (2Th 2:10-12)

Let’s  walk in light, as He is in the light, and fellowship with Him. (1Jn 1:6-7) He is not just the truth, He is light itself. (Jn 8:12)

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