Fear Not

“Worry is the practice of the unfaithfulness of God.” The saying intrigues and challenges me; it helps me understand the nature of unhealthy fear. (Lk_12:32)

Hope is faith resting peacefully in God’s goodness (Ps 125:1); anxiety is doubt accusing God of unfaithfulness before the fact (Php 4:6); it’s expecting to look back on life displeased with God’s care for us. (1Pe 5:7) It’s attacking God’s character (1Jn 5:10b), and so it’s sin. (Rev 21:8)

Instinctive fear of physical danger is good, God’s gift to help us escape when we’re threatened. Concern, caring for others, desiring the best for them in difficulty, is love moving us to good. (2Co 7:12) But living in worry, anxiety, dread … this is not of God (2Ti 1:7); it’s bondage on a spectrum of distrust in God’s faithfulness. Yeshua never felt any of these things. (Ps 23:4)

When we become aware of anxiety we should repent, asking God to increase our faith (Lk_17:5) and help us trust that He is good. (Na 1:7) The fact that He’s always with us (He 13:5-6) means everything He allows in our lives is for a good reason, and ultimately for our good. (Ro 8:28)

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