Christ in You

One of the mysteries of the Faith is Christ in us, our hope of glory. (Col 1:27) When Father conceives us with the word of Truth (Ja 1:18), He joins Himself with our spirit, becoming one with us. (Ep 5:30)

The fact that every believer has Christ in them, working uniquely and imperceptibly in and through them (Php 2:13), makes all believers equally valuable and important, creating a healthy humility and interdependency among us all (Ep 5:21), encouraging us to edify one other, and leveling the playing field, so to speak.

Christ in us, the foundation of the church, encourages the mature to listen intently to the young, seeking the unique revelation of Christ in them. It discourages the domination of the learned, and the exclusion of anyone sincerely seeking Christ from active participation in the assembly. (1Co 14:26)

The fact that none of us have yet fully attained to Christ (Php 3:12) welcomes diversity; we can all learn from each other while holding each other accountable, and critically evaluating all that is being taught, maintaining personal ownership of our own faith.

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2 thoughts on “Christ in You”

  1. Great stuff, where is the explanation of when it was a “mystery doctrine.” And when it no longer was the ” mystery doctrine.”

    1. Hi Joe,

      I have written somewhat on this in the short article “Let No Man Judge You“. Maybe we can start there, as that is my understanding, and you can tell me if/as you see differently.


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