A Sweet Savor

PurpleFragranceWhen we’re aligned with God, walking in the light with Him (1Jn 1:7), as others react to us they remind Him of His Son. (2Co 2:15) Just as Yeshua Messiah walked among men, we so remind His enemies of their deathly end that they can almost taste it, and in the elect we’re the fragrance of life itself. (2Co 2:16) God sees a delightful reflection of His Son in all of it, and is consistently glorified in us.

Who in themselves is worthy or able in this? What a privilege to be chosen out of this world, adopted and transformed by God! (1Jn 3:1)

Fearing to be ourselves in Messiah is to hide His glory; we can only reflect Him by being authentic as He works in us. (Php 2:13) We’re His workmanship, created in Messiah to glorify Him in words and deeds, works chosen for us according to His sovereign purpose before the dawn of time. (Ep 2:10, 2Ti 1:9)

Let’s unashamedly joy in our God, each in our own holy calling, priceless and unique, every moment a perfect gift to glorify His name, walking worthy of our God as a sweet savor of Christ.

Thank you Father, for always causing us to overcome in and through Your Son, and for spreading the sweet aroma of knowing Him everywhere through us. (2Co 2:14)

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