Take the Sword

Imagine … you have a beautiful, glittering sword, perfectly balanced and incredibly sharp. Etched into the blade are elaborate depictions of how it’s used in battle.

shiningswordYou’re fascinated by all the cool stuff you can do with it … pound nails with the handle … in a pinch it even makes a cool screwdriver. It’s great for hacking down weeds and digging holes, cutting hair, peeling apples and chopping up food. It makes a great baseball bat and golf club, and it looks awesome hanging over the hearth! When you’re bored you can reflect sunlight off the shaft or even lay it down and spin it like a top. The applications seem endless!

But when the enemy comes around and starts clubbing you down, beating you up and smashing your stuff, your sword hasn’t been much help. Butting him with the handle doesn’t work too well … the thing seems pretty useless in a fight.

Wait!! Those etchings on the blade …

God says, “take … the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.(Ep 6:17) What does He mean? What does God actually tell us to do with His word? (De 6:6) How do people in the Bible use the Bible? (Ps 119:11)

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