Speak To Yourself

Worship should be as natural as breathing; God commands us to be constantly talking and singing His Word into our minds and hearts. (Ep 5:19) This is one way we’re to take the sword of the Spirit, joyfully percolating in worship and praise (Ja 5:13), teaching and admonishing ourselves and others through inspired lyrics. (Co 3:16)

speaktoyourselvesWhat’s important in our singing is the truth we’re driving into our minds, not how good we feel. The words we’re engaging with are much more important than the music itself. If we drop the tune, do the words themselves still move us deeply toward God, cleansing and feeding us?

Much of our worship today has a catchy up-beat melody but it’s shallow,  evoking emotion that’s not rooted in truth; it’s   imbalanced and warped. This isn’t worship; it feels good but it doesn’t edify our spirits, heal us, and free us in God.

God tells us what kind of lyrics we’re to be singing: Psalms, perfectly balanced, packed with God-oriented truth. They don’t deceive us and warp our focus; they point us continually to God’s magnificence and the beauty of His Way.

Like a bird that can’t help but sing, let’s be continually filled with inspired worship, tuning our hearts daily to sing His praise.

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