Behold the Beauty

How do we describe beauty? What makes something beautiful or ugly? Atheists try and explain it by associating it with food or safety … I don’t think so. There’s something spiritual about beauty that defies philosophical naturalism. It’s designed into us for one reason: it’s our radar, enabling us to enjoy God.

The Psalmist desires one thing of God and pursues it: to walk in constant communion with Him, like we did in the Garden, beholding His beauty and seeking to know more and more about Him. (Ps 27:4) It’s why we’re here, what we’re made for; this must become our focus. (Php 3:10)

The beauty of the natural world is a reflection and expression of God, a shadow picture of His glory and majesty. It reminds us of the infinite beauty of God, both physical and spiritual. As our hearts drink in the natural beauty He’s made, our souls can be feeding in the majesty of the infinitude of God, worshiping Him in spirit and truth. (Jn 4:23) To enjoy the shadow and not the reality is to abuse the shadow; it’s to miss everything.

The wisdom in continually seeking a closer relationship with God is really just common sense. (Re 15:4) Just think about it: knowing there’s an infinitely powerful God who designed the entire universe … Who loves us enough to give up His Son to die in our place (Jn 3:16) … and not seeking Him out? Not wanting to know Him and walk with Him and enjoy Him? Can the Creator of beauty itself not be infinitely beautiful? If anything or anyone is worthy of being pursued and known … isn’t God?

Ask and receive; seek and find; knock and the door will open. (Mt 7:7) God wants to be found, to be enjoyed; everything about our design points to this. He’s everything we’ve ever needed or longed for, satisfying beyond comprehension. We can’t possibly imagine how beautiful, how majestic, how fantastic He is! (1Co 2:9)

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