As the Heaven Is High

We’re prone to comparing ourselves with others, wanting to make ourselves look good by looking down, one soul to another, evaluating, judging. Thinking we’re six foot tall we look for someone that’s five or four, unable to see the little stools we’re standing on. It’s pride, and it’s nonsense. (Ja 4:12)

We’ve no idea how bad we really are, or anyone else for that matter. (Job 15:16) Even if we could evaluate our relative goodness at ground level, it’s pretty much irrelevant looking down from heaven. God’s mercy for the very best of men is infinite. (Ps 103:11)

When God comes to judge, and He’s the only One that’s worthy, He’s not going to be comparing us with each other, but with Himself, with His perfect standard. (Mt 5:48) And He’s so far above us it isn’t funny. (Is 55:9)

As we esteem others better than ourselves we acknowledge that we don’t know enough to be comparing, and that even if we did it wouldn’t matter; we’re all hopeless when it comes to measuring up. On our very best day, we’re absolutely nothing. (Ps 39:5) Without Christ we’d be facing the indignation of the Lord alone. There’s no more dreadful place to be. We should be feeling compassion for God’s enemies (Php 3:18-19), not contempt.

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