Him Crucified

Christ is the central figure of history; His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension are the key facts of history. Knowing Him is life eternal (Jn 17:3); it’s our singular objective (1Jn 5:5), to know Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. (1Co 2:2) 

But the enemy has positioned innumerable counterfeits, false Christ’s (Mt 24:5), much easier to find and follow (2Co 11:4), promoting them through false brothers and seducing spirits. Very few of us will find the Way. (Mt 7:14)

Like the merchant seeking goodly pearls, we ought to be deliberate, striving to enter the kingdom, seeking Christ in the fear of God. In being casual here, we’ll no doubt fail(Je 29:13)

Yet even as we pursue the living Christ it’s easy to get distracted, bogged down and side-tracked (2Ti 2:14), forgeting Who it is we’re after. (Php 1:21) Spiritually speaking, is anything worth knowing that doesn’t help us in knowing Him? (Php 3:13-15)

Christ is the foundation of the assembly (1Co 3:11) and the very life of the believer (Col 3:4); our objective in community is to help each other find Him and know Him (Php 3:8), discovering why He died and what it means for us, exploring the mystery of the gospel together.

So who is Jesus Christ? What’s He like? What does He value? (Jn 14:21) What did He do, and for whom? (1Jn 2:2) How does this affect our lives? (Ro 6:6) What does it mean to be crucified with Him? (Gal 2:20) How does this impact our values? (Ga 6:14) These are the salient, timeless questions, the answers to which comprise our spiritual quest.

It’s not about parroting answers, but in knowing the Person of the answers, walking in the light, in fellowship with Him, worthy of Him. Otherwise we may ever be learning, yet never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. (2Ti 3:7)

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