Even Weeping

My wife says I cry easy; my kids see it too. But most of the time my eyes are dry when they shouldn’t be. There’s plenty to weep about, yet I don’t.

I should be weeping over sin, over my own sin (Ja 4:8), and over the sins of others. (Ps 119:136)

It’s so easy for me to compromise and accept sin; it’s also easy to look down my nose at sinners, judging, despising and condemning them. But to grieve (Ps 119:158) … well, that’s real, genuine, connected … that’s love.

Paul wept over worldliness in the churches (Php 3:18) and was continually mourning over his lost countrymen (Ro 9:2-3); Samuel wept for a rebellious friend (1Sa 15:11); David wept over a traitorous child (2Sa 18:33); Jeremiah wept over Israel’s pride (Je 13:17); and Yeshua wept for Jerusalem. (Lk 19:41-42)

I think dry eyes reveal a small, hard heart.

I need prayer to care more, to increase and abound in love yet more and more, in knowledge and in all judgment (Php 1:9); please lift me up, if you will.

YHWH, please enlarge my heart (Ps 119:32)quicken me according to Your Word. (Ps 119:154)

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One thought on “Even Weeping”

  1. I don’t mean to say that I want to experience human depravity more so I can grieve more. I want to become more sensitive to sin that I’ve already been desensitized to, and to grow in my love for others.

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