Nothing Offends Them

To be offended is to feel upset, annoyed, and/or resentful at what is perceived to be a personal attack against our dignity or deeply held beliefs. It’s an inherently moral posture which perceives another’s ideas or attitudes a threat to our emotional well being.

Being unnerved by an opposing idea, or feeling threatened by another’s opinion, reflects a weakness in the inner man, a shallowness, a lack of grounding in truth and love. (Ep 3:16-19) It’s a desperate cover for emptiness, ignorance and darkness. (Ep 4:17-18)

Those who delight in God’s Law are never offended (Ps 119:165), but shine as lights in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation (Php 2:15), always ready to share their hope in Christ. (1Pe 3:15)

The wise comfortably and thoughtfully consider opposing ideas (Pr 1:5), and humbly grow from legitimate accusation. (Pr 17:10) They gladly incorporate truth, whatever it happens to be (Pr 9:9), without feeling intimidated or threatened (Ps 119:22), counting man’s judgement a very small thing (1Co 4:3) and shaking off every false way as they continue their journey rejoicing in God.

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