First Principles

Certain concepts are fundamental to our walk with God, basic building blocks of the spiritual life. (He 5:12) Grasping these helps us understand ourselves and God, so we can grow into spiritual maturity. (He 6:1-2)

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Sin: violating Torah, God’s commands and instructions. God has One Law which applies to all of us. (1Jn 3:4)

Repentance: to change direction based on a change in belief. (2Ti 2:25)

Faith: perfect supernatural confidence and assurance; the absence of all doubt about something. (Ja 1:6a)

Grace: supernatural influence causing us to be less evil than we’re prone to be, and/or to believe on and obey God, and/or to be more Christ-like in some way. (He 12:28)

Pride: thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought, as morally superior to another. (Ga 6:3)

Humility: esteeming others better than ourselves, as our moral superiors. (Php 2:3)

Free Will: always making the worst choice God allows us to make.

Baptisms: identifying with God’s transformation through ritual immersion.

Laying on of hands: identifying with others as a living sacrifice.

Resurrection: this life is a vapor.

Judgement: God will eternally evaluate us all.

We should seek to be aligned on all of these basics through thoughtful discussion and prayerful study. Feel free to challenge me on any of them, or to encourage me that I’ve helped you further grasp them.

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