Put on Christ

God tells us to put on Christ. (Ro 13:14) The Greek is enduo, to invest, clothe or cover with, and is translated array (Ac 12:21), endue (Lk 24:49), clothe (2Co 5:3), have on (Ep 6:14), and here put on.

To put on an air is to act like someone else, or more than we are. Like children role playing, it’s part of becoming, how we grasp at a calling, or pursue a destiny.

Putting on Christ is acting out the fact that He dwells in me and is living through me, working within me, through my own emotions, will and spirit, to will and to do according to His good pleasure. (Php 2:13) It’s emulating, imitating (1Pe 2:21), acting as if Christ is living out His life in and through me, a type of pretending, but about what actually is true.

We might begin like this, pretending as if we’re in perfect union with Christ, even though we might not yet be in practice, but wanting this, envisioning this, like an athlete training the mind for perfect performance, long before it’s reality. Then, moving toward belief, beholding Him, studying Him, approving only things that are excellent, practicing Christ-likeness as we grow up in Him unto certainty and reality, we’ll find ourselves doing more and more in His name (Col 3:17), through Him, with Him and for Him. (Ro 11:36)

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