Warm turn within
My spirit yearns in You
Flowing effortlessly
Caressing without words
Your lovely unseen Face

No special sight in view
Just being near to You
In deep rich pure heart hold
Unthreatened love enfold

Distraction breaks the train of touch
Gray worldly stay compels
You wait
No farther than my heart

Then some designed and planted scene
Reminds me of your hand
I turn again in love with You
To share the thought You planned

Warmly gentle touching rich
Like nothing earthly sown
Makes lover passions pale and fade
Such intimacy known

Arm in arm, hand in hand
Never alone again
Though I grow careless tired or cold
You’ll always be near Friend

No bitter looks
No pressing words
No disappointed strife
Communion rich implanted Seed

You really are my Life

Colossians 3:4

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