Why Does It Matter?

Why do you care that we like you?
Why do you fawn so and dance?
Why are you fearful and blind to
The One Who would be your Romance?

Why do you care what we’re thinking?
We empty ones strutting around?
Sweet odors to cover our stinking
Sweet noises to fill us with sound

Can’t you plain see that we’re mortal?
Just cladden with meat, soul and bone?
Why your deaf ear at the portal?
For Him Who prepares you a home?

Is it you love earthly mire?
Does gold silver glitter appeal?
When all that’s inside you is higher,
Than shrew sots a droolin’ a deal?

Or are you afraid that we’ll smirk?
or secretly laugh in your face?
That we’ll all think you’re some kind of quirk?
Who doesn’t belong in the Race?

Is that why you blush at His name?
To keep in our graces and view?
Are you so afraid of our shame?
Of we the God-haters and crew?

Now you’re a child of the King!
Chosen by Him from our ranks
A son in the care of His working
Adopted in grace… give Him thanks!

What does it matter? you Saint!
Why should you care if we laugh?
Why should you cry in complaint?
When buffeted in His behalf?

So what if you’re never remembered
In our halls of fame here below?
So what if you’re called on to suffer,
So more of your God you will know?

So what if you’re called as a taker
To love Him with all of your heart?
Is that such a waste to your Maker?
What else could you want for your part?

Service for One who needs nothing?
That He has not called you to grind?
A head filled with knowledge for puffing?
When He has eternity’s mind?

God with His own unique purpose
That He has created you for
He’ll let you know when He’s ready
Don’t weary and toss at His door

God’s Life deep within you is pure
And nothing takes Him by surprise
All is determined and sure
So rest… He is perfect and wise.

Loving is quite a high calling
That very few know how to do
Life will be found in love touching
Rooted and grounded and true

So love Him with all of your being
With heart soul and will there be found
Love Him with all of your seeing
And we out of sight who surround

James 4:4

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