Silent mystery past
Eon space You cast
Not location bound
In no place unfound

You are

You need not plan, design nor learn
No thought “occurs” to You
You cannot grow
You cannot risk in hope

You know

No sequence in Your view
No duration
No queue
When and Then eternal Now to You

“I AM”

No small detail escapes Your eyes
No grand scope too wand
You created shape and size
You are within beyond

You pervade

Time and space beneath You
My Measureless Mighty One
Majestic rule Your rightful due
Your choice such painful stun

You reign

From deep within expression flows
Your Mind and Heart and Will it shows
Vast breathed creation splendor
Vast inscribed Word wonder

You speak

No strength defined, no taxing You
No weary strain is found
Your purpose done without a sound
Seen only by so few

You work

You kindly govern earthen lands
Though we lightly grieve You
Hate Your sacred precious Name
Mar Your outstretched Hands

You care

What patience for rash fools
So deep to error prone!
Who mock with head and heart disdain
What they have never known!

You teach

What other Lover
would call and plead
long after purity is defiled
and deaf ears have turned away?

You love

Blind idol fawning chants
Cold self worship in our dark
We fashion a god like ourselves
Shielding Your warm radiance

You weep

You who find the stars impure!
Oh! What grief You must endure!
As we strut in Your presence
and sin!

You suffer

To save us You descend
Yet by us You are ravaged
Your high and holy Heart
made bitter sin full vial

You die

Blending Justice and Mercy
Holiness and Compassion
Purity and Toleration
You conquer Death

You live

With open loving arms You plead
Your table spread
Your own blood shed
No one comes

You select

Rebels drawn of will beyond
So few poor hearts do finally turn
To rest unfettered in Your arms
Elect to feast and love

You conceive

Great mystery of godliness!
Spirit wrestles flesh within
Slowly purging, renewing
Self dying to divine Life

You nourish

In what depthless cross design…
does vicious hateful enemy…
stride permitted through Your door…
to rape and maul Your loved one?

You yield

…. then ….

Shatt’ring fury unfurls
in breathless deaf’ning rage
ripping time and space
to shreds

You come

Quivering filthy defying fools
still hate You
curse You
fight You

You conquer

With blood soaked feet and hands
Your steaming hate at last unveiled
You stride and tread the dregs
of squirming hateful remnants

You crush

Earth and heaven flee Your Face
Yet both are caught and smashed
Mercy now extinct
Consuming terrors blast

You judge

Your fire-capsuled hate
Has Death’s eternal scream
Blackness bound
Forever at Your Feet

You triumph

One Lover throngs
Your Bridegroom songs
Our passion is strong
One we be long

You wed

Revelation 13:7

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