Love the LORD

God is amazing, breathtaking, spectacular beyond our wildest dreams. To neglect His glory, splendor and excellence in any way violates the first and great commandment: to love God with our whole heart (Mt 22:37-38); it’s a vast insult to God, “the infinite outrage in the universe, that human beings prefer somethingMountainBeauty else to God.” (John Piper; Why Hell Exists) Not loving Him supremely, not cleaving to Him, is the greatest of our sins; it’s the root of all other sin. (Ro 1:21)

How ought we to glory in God? By rejoicing in and enjoying Him. Our ability to perceive beauty is given us by Him so that we can enjoy Him; any glimpse of His glory in Creation should move us to worship. We can also see in His dealings with Man that He’s all-powerful, infinitely wise, merciful, loving, and supremely just. It’s joy unspeakable to delight in His ways, in the inexpressible infinitude of God.

But it’s not primarily in worship that we love God; this is love, that we keep His commandments (Jn 14:21), particularly the parts of His Law that seem the least self-serving to us. (Mt 5:19) We cannot value Him in disobedience (1Jn 2:4), only in obeying can we walk worthy of Him. We do so dimly appreciate Him, seeing through a glass darkly (1Co 13:12), yet knowing that He’s infinitely precious. (1Pe 2:7)

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