My Soul Breaks

When strength of desire breaks our soul, when longing exceeds our power to contain, when intensity of yearning crests like waves within us, and overcomes and overflows our being, taking our breath away, perhaps then we’re after something worth having. Have we ever known such desire?

The Psalmist admits such intense and continual longing for the judgments of God. (Ps 119:20) Like a merchant seeking goodly pearls, he finds hidden gems in that which fools despise and overlook. (Pr 1:7)

What is it in the judgments of God that makes them so breathtakingly desirable? Have we discovered the priceless treasure they contain? (Ps 119:18)

Whenever YHWH expresses Himself He reveals more of His nature, exposing a facet of His heart. His Law expresses His character and expectations, His instructions contain His wisdom and define what holiness looks like, and His judgments reveal His reaction as His laws are violated; they’re all His testimonies, witnesses of His character. So, each and every one exudes His holy infinitude (Ro 11:33), a precious window into Jehovah’s absolute perfection. (Is 26:8-9) That’s why our inner man instinctively delights in the Law of God. (Ro 7:22)

It is here, meditating in the nature of God, feeding on His majesty, where we find joy unspeakable and full of glory. (1Pe 1:8) This is our inheritance (Ps 119:111), and it’s only found in God.

As the deer pants after the water brooks, so the instructed soul pursues the living God with every breath (Ps 42:1), until, in His immediate and boundless presence, we find ourselves crying out with those around Him, “Holy, holy holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come!” (Re 4:8)

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4 thoughts on “My Soul Breaks”

  1. The repetitive nature of the four beasts could be thought of as a chant, a mantra, and the use of such devices encouraged through their example.

    However, one must understand the context of this repetition: they bask in the immediate and overwhelming presence of infinitude, not in the mindless vacuum of pagan meditation. Hear in every cry of the four beasts, not the hollow echo of mind numbing repetition, but an allegory of the heart continually searching for ways to express the inexpressible.

  2. What a joy unspeakable the four beasts must have in the depths of their souls! Imagine being in Abba’s presence continually. Where else would one want to go? What else would one want to do? And, who else would one desire to worship? I would guess that even the four beasts have their own will and desire. However, Abba’s continual presence MUST be so overwhelming, that they can only fathom to stand in His presence and cry out: Holy, Holy, Holy….

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