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Sight: it’s amazing! Perceiving colors and shapes as our eyes translate light into our brains, presenting vision to our souls … it borders on miraculous. When sight’s lost we long for healing, but those born blind can’t know what they’re missing.

Spiral fern with dew

In a way, we’re all born spiritually blind (Ep 4:18), deceived (Tit 3:3), at enmity with God and His law. (Ro 8:7) We start out with a veil over hearts, obscuring the beauty of the spirit of the Law. Yet when we come into Messiah this vail is removed (2Co 3:14-16) and we cry out, “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” (Ps 119:18

As God gives us sight we begin to see detail and precision and beauty in His commands (Ps 119:96) that we could not have seen before; things that looked dull and dry on the surface become glorious as we see them with new eyes; they testify of Him. As we hide His laws in our hearts, delighting in them and meditating on them (Ps 1:2), a whole new world opens up to us which we glossed over and missed in our blindness and shallowness.

To the blind, God’s commands are boring, inconvenient, confusing and repulsive. God must open our eyes (Lk 24:45) and enable us to see Him and His way in His laws. (Lk 24:27) He must equip us to translate the light of His Law (Ps 119:105) into a vision of His glory and majesty (Ro 11:33), to find the unsearchable riches of Christ. (Eph 3:8)

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3 thoughts on “Open My Eyes”

    1. Thanks Bro! It is a reminder to me that we must give others a room for the journey; we can’t expect others to understand just because we present and defend the truth. Shining light directly into blind eyes doesn’t help them see. We need transformation; God must open our eyes.

  1. What does “open my eyes” mean? It implies spiritual blindness, needing God to heal me. (Jn 9:17)

    So it can’t merely mean asking God to reveal sod, hidden, symbolic meanings in Scripture: God doesn’t describe those who can’t see hidden meaning as blind, but those who fail to obey the plain implications (remez) of the text.

    Asking God to open our eyes, seems then to be asking Him to give us new hearts, honest souls, so that we can see what’s already plainly there in His Word and do what He says. Since believing a lie about Him or His Way may cause us to overlook or misunderstand a concept in Scripture, asking for our eyes to be opened is another way of asking Him to expose our lies and help us believe the truth.

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