Instruct in Meekness

In offering truth to others we must do so in meekness (2Ti 2:24-25), with open hand, knowing we only have what God has given (1Co 4:7), and that we remain incomplete in our own understanding. (1Co 8:2)

Striving with those who don’t yet see what we do, trying to beat our light into them, is to usurp the Spirit’s role as teacher. (1Jn 2:27) Only God gives understanding; we can’t apprehend spiritual truth without His aid. (1Co 2:14)

Incorporating new truth into our lives involves a type of spiritual surgery which requires a delicate hand, not a forceful one. Pushing truth at others almost always does more harm than good. We must offer truth without demanding others receive it; remembering that we all have areas in our life where we can’t yet bear truth (Jn 16:12); we aren’t ready for it yet and only God knows us well enough to tell.

We must humbly let others be accountable to God, offering that which is holy to those who appear to be seeking it, and looking to see how their incomplete understanding might further sharpen our own. (Pr 27:17)

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