Of Baptisms

Baptism is a basic concept of the Christian faith (He 6:1-2); evidently rooted in God’s instruction for the unclean to bathe when becoming ritually clean. (Nu 19:19)

In an outward physical way, ritual submersion in water naturally symbolizes the inward cleansing and healing of the mind, heart and spirit from the defilement of sin (Ep 5:27), such as in the instant of justification (Ac 8:36-37), as well as any major paradigm shift that occurs when rejecting an old life pattern and embracing a new one (1Co 10:1-2), or finding a break through in our pursuit of holiness(He 10:22) As we’re freed from the pollutions of the world (2Pe_2:20) and the bondage of sin (Mk 1:4), baptism is an organic expression of spiritual reality, as we gratefully acknowledge God’s work in our souls. (1Pe 3:21)

Confusion enters as we try to imagine Christ launching a new religion (Jn 3:10), displacing Torah and giving us “an ordinance of the Christian church,” a rite to distinguish Christianity from all that came before. This isn’t Christ’s intent. (Mt 5:17)

In decoupling the Faith from Torah (Jud 1:3), taking it out of context, we pervert it. (Jn 4:22) Claiming sacramental power in what God intended to symbolize metaphysical transformation (Tit 3:5), twists ritual washing into something His early Apostles, orthodox Jews, would never recognize. (Ac 21:20)

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