You love me
What could be more amazing
than this!

You … love … me!

I who drip with foulest sin
My darkened path I find so sweet
It pains my flesh to turn to You
To seek Your lovely face
To make love with You

Worldly care distracts with ease
and carnal flickers burn within my breast

While You find the stars impure
because they’ve shown their lights
upon my sin

While You turn with bitter hate from all of me
that e’er was laid upon your Son

and that is
I would call me …

Yet Your love for me would stretch my mind and heart beyond rebound

If You showed the full of it to me
I could never think or work again
for the longing I would have
to live only in this love of Yours

for me

And yet
even then
I fear
I would be moved
for only me

Your love makes me feel good

Somehow my love for You
for You
is often sick and sad

I wrench with painful toil
to draw Your rich sweet words aflow within my mind

My heart
it breaks for want of human love
and will not turn to You with ease
I fear that others will disdain
and toss my comforts far from clenching hands
and so I walk to please them


I grieve you lightly,
because You are tender
patient with me.

Were it not for Your own dear Son
arising in my heart
I would be
a brute beast
made to be taken
and destroyed


You love me

It is amazing
Truly amazing



Perhaps this is yet more amazing…
perhaps the only equal
in awesome vastness

That I could be weak
in love
with You

For You
The altogether LOVELY


Who melts the hollow discord in my breast with Your sweet breath


Whose beauty makes the finest art a cursed thing


Whose wisdom and knowledge
wraps the mind with ecstasy
beyond the wildest dream


Whose song with rapture splits the fragile soul beyond repair


Who loves espous-ed spirits in eternal whirls of brilliant peace

Relentless happy chase of lovers in a wood
Of songs amid the sun

How You woo and draw this poor dim mortal
with heart-strung cords of fire light!

Ever loving … selfless …




waiting for me
to turn to You!
so You can bless
me with Your love

With one sweet touch You draw my disconnect and fragment from afar
to make me whole in You again

Ah …

if worldlings only knew
what I know

that sex is merely shadow

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