A hollow sun in hollow skies
lights hollow men of hollow eyes.

Hollow words from hollow hearts
strike hollow minds like hollow darts.

Hollow bills in hollow bands
bind hollow wills in hollow lands.

Hollow friends shake hollow hands for
hollow fun from hollow plans.

Hollow schools teach hollow ways
from hollow books to hollow trays.

Hollow souls find hollow peace
in hollow pews and hollow fleece.

Hollow love from hollow girls
leaves hollow boys in hollow swirls.

Hollow pain in hollow beds
leaves hollow scars in hollow heads.

A hollow Heaven and a hollow Hell…
bind hollow spirits in hollow spell.

O Holy God! You are not hollow!
You are solid and deep, and hard to follow

You break my bones and tear my mind
and rend my soul and leave me blind

Words can mean nothing, love is stone cold
All pleasure is empty, my truth cheaply sold

Pinned in a corner, I fight all alone
an Enemy stronger than I’ve ever known.

I scream when I must, the better the louder.
Down comes You Rock … to grind me to powder.

My hollow worm is crushed and fanned:
the hollow rot He cannot stand.

Faithful He is to His own intent,
and none of us ever knew what that meant.
How I wish sometimes He’d relent!

You? add to HIM ? or take away?
Oh hollow fool! Just die away!
Hollow is gone! Hollow is dead!!
My God is alove, and mine He said.

Hebrews 12:6,10

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