Prayer Abomination

I’ve often pondered the saying, “It never hurts to ask!” Sometimes I think it does hurt to ask; we shouldn’t lightly impose on others, taking their time and energy for granted. When we ask for something, we should ensure that our hearts are in the right place; selfish, inconsiderate requests are never good.

But how about God? How does He react when people pray, asking Him for things? Is He always delighted when people share their desires with Him?

As in human relationships, it depends on the heart; when the upright seek His help He’s delighted (Pr 15:8), but the prayers of those willfully ignoring His commands are disgusting to Him, an abomination. (Pr 28:9)

We should pray about everything (Php 4:6), ensuring as well as we can that our hearts are always right with God, seeking to walk in the light, in obedience and truth, not presuming we’re in a good place with God simply because we pray. If we’re justifying sin in our life, we’re wasting our time. (Ps 66:18)

God’s love moves Him to be angry with all who persist in willfully ignoring His commands (Ps 7:11), sinning against Himself and others. God’s children don’t do this as a manner of life; they’re elect unto obedience.

God is kind, and often answers the prayers of His enemies, but let’s not kid ourselves or deceive others: there’s no prayer, ritual or religious expression of any kind that covers the stench of rebellion. (De 25:16)

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